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Panama City Rescue Mission opens clothing boutique

The Panama City Rescue Mission officially opened their store, Encore Boutique & More, Wednesday morning. The store sells previously owned women's, men's, and children's clothing along with accessories and furniture. The women from the Panama City Rescue Mission's Bethel Village will work at the boutique. "It definitely means the world to them if they don't have anything on their resume that increases the chances of them not being able to find work. While they're in our program they rotate through and work in different offices. They work in our administrative office, they do office work and kitchen work at Bethel Village, and this is one of their work therapy options as well," said Lisa Nixon-Mabry, communications coordinator at the Panama City Rescue Mission. The boutique is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. All the proceeds from the store will benefit the Panama City Rescue Mission. "It's for a good cause and it just goes back to the community because my plan is to return the favor and that is one of the main things I like about working here, just to give back to the community for what the community has done for me.

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Former President Barack Obama designated the 1.35-million-acre Bears Ears site - named for its iconic twin buttes - as a national monument during his final days in office. “I was incredibly grateful the President called this morning to let us know that he is approving Secretary Zinke’s recommendation on Bears Ears,” Hatch said in a statement emailed to Reuters. The statement did not provide details on the exact changes to the boundaries or the legal mechanism the administration might use to make the changes. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, when asked about the monument decision, said she did not want to get ahead of the president’s announcement. “I can tell you he (Trump) will be going to Utah in the first part of early December,” she said. Trump met with Zinke in the Oval Office on Friday. FILE PHOTO: The view from Comb Ridge is pictured in Utah’s Bears Ears area of the Four Corners Region, Utah, U.S. December 18, 2016. REUTERS/Annie Knox/File Photo Sanders said both Trump and Zinke spoke to Hatch and Utah’s other U.S. senator, Mike Lee, during the course of the meeting.

Clandestina’s move highlights the ingenuity of Cuba’s fledgling private sector in overcoming obstacles on the communist-run island and abroad. The clothing brand is one of the success stories among the private stores, restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts that have emerged under President Raul Castro, who has implemented market reforms to modernize Cuba’s Soviet-style command economy. “The Clandestina brand has always been one about succeeding against the odds and overcoming the seemingly impossible,” said co-founder and creative director Idania del Rio, 36. She and her Spanish business partner Leire Fernandez, 42, created Clandestina in 2015, opening a flagship store in Old Havana selling clothes, bags, posters and trinkets that have quirky Cuban designs and slogans reflecting local humor. “Actually I‘m in Havana” reads one T-shirt, while another says “I’m a mamey (fruit), you can make a milkshake out of me”. A facade view of the Cuban private design store Clandestina in Havana, Cuba, October 23, 2017. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini A lack of wholesale stores and restrictions on importing for the private sector in Cuba meant they had to get creative to acquire textiles and keep up stock. Friends brought batches of raw T-shirts in their suitcases from abroad that they print their designs on, and Clandestina became even better known for its “upcycling” of second-hand clothing to make unique pieces. They say they now have 27 employees and their shop attracted more than 20,000 visitors last year. Like many private Cuban businesses in Havana, Clandestina benefited from a boom in U.S. travelers since a thawing of U.S.-Cuban relations in 2014.

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